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Digital Edit:                                   

     How often do you view the hours of video you’ve taken through the years? 

             How often have you endured endless videos of your friend’s children, vacations, etc.?

             Have YOU submitted your friends to this experience?

             Have you directly copied original video on to a second tape to omit jiggles, errors, etc.?

             Did you notice the duplicated tape quality is inferior to the original?

             If so, there is a solution…………..Digital Non-Linear Editing.                                                                        

             Most home videos can be reduced forty to sixty five percent of the original length

             WITHOUT harming the original intention of the videographer.

             In fact, with music and other video and audio effects, the video is enhanced.

             All jitters, excess, over and underexposed frames can be omitted or corrected.

             In most cases older videos can be restored to look better than the original!

             The final production will be PLEASANTLY viewable to your family and friends.
             You can do this yourself; it takes thousands of dollars AND hours to produce quality video.

             Bob Hirsch Videos can do it for you at a fraction of the cost, and a few of your minutes.

             You are invited to watch the capture to be sure the scenes you want to keep are included.

             A generations enduring DVD will be included with your tapes.

             Price will depend on how much editing is needed, generally four  hundred dollars per hour of

             FINISHED, not original, video…

             As in all cases, consultation and discussion are free.


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