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  No additional charge for High Definition Video                      

We feel a "package" is a way of increasing the price, many times adding unwanted items

Two manned professional cameras and a third stationary camera
Wireless microphone, and, whenever possible, a separate plug-in to the facility's sound system
Post production music, titles, DVD menus, Tape and/or DVD labels
Tape and/or DVD boxes with color photographs and text
Three Tapes and/or DVDs; extra Tapes and/or DVDs currently priced at $8.00 each

           How Will You Visualize Your Wedding Tribute?

   Please Remember         This is Streaming Video, highly edited for downloading speed
                                          Dial Up: low quality; Cable / LAN: good, but not full quality
       Please Call            For a full quality DVD-VHS-BETA-Hi8 Demonstration Video, no cost or obligation


Video Samples

        Free Microsoft Windows Media Player Download Link

        Briefly, but most importantly:
        Your exchange of Vows of Love, Devotion, and Faithfulness
        Your family, friends, and ensuing generations will experience your Arrival... Ceremony...
        Being Spirited Away...

56k Modem          Cable/LAN  
        Activities between the Ceremony and the Reception
56k Modem          Cable/LAN  
        The Reception itself:
        You'll hear family and friends wish you well and recall memories past
56k Modem          Cable/LAN  
        Perhaps the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner:
        After watching the fun and chaos at Rehearsals,
        We've never understood how the Ceremony proceeded so smoothly
56k Modem          Cable/LAN  
        What of the story of your growing years...
        How you met...
        Your hopes for the future...
56k Modem          Cable/LAN  
                                      So many other celebrations, too numerous to count
                                      Pre- Wedding Breakfast, Preparation prior to leaving the house,
                                      Parties earlier that week, Honeymoon photos...
                                      The list is endless...

                               Your Wedding: Fashion it as You Will    

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