No additional charge for High Definition Video

   Your Wedding

                            The defining moment of your lifetime....
                              Two individuals from two families...
                                        Pledging your Love...
                                        Preparing a lifetime...

    Allow Bob Hirsch Videos to Memorialize the Historical Beginning of Your Family

        Weddings have been visualized since the dawn of photography
                                 Prior to then they were painted
You may have photographs of your Parents' and Grandparents' Weddings
                                            Lifelong Memories
                        Many of those in the photos are now gone
                          Imaging viewing those photos in motion
                     Listening to your loved ones speak their vows...
                          Hearing their laughter, their tears of joy

                                         Now Visualize Your Future
            Share your history with present and future generations
                    Leave with them an everlasting moving picture
                                     They will see your motions
                                             Feel your emotions
                   Share your history with those who are not yet born
                     Leave with them an everlasting audio recording
                             They will hear you speak your vows...
                    Listen to your laughter, cry with your tears of joy
    Your Video: An Everlasting Memory of  the Beginning of Your History Together
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